Don’t Let Them Bug You

What’s Bugging You?

Many nights as I slept on my sofa bed in South Carolina I awoke to find thousands of bedbugs crawling all over me.  As soon as I turned on the light those bloodsuckers retreated to their hiding place, but not before I smashed as many as I could with my fingers.  I had to take revenge because they disturbed my rest and sucked my precious blood.  I thought bedbugs were a thing of the past until I read the following article dated August 26, 2010:

By Jenny Everett, SELF magazine
Bedbugs are all over the news — and apparently, they’re all over these 15 cities. Number one on the list? New York City — SELF’s home base! They’ve been found in office buildings (thankfully not ours!), hospitals, hotels, theaters and even the Empire State Building. And the bloodsuckers hide in mattresses, furniture, clothing … blech. Is anyone else suddenly itchy?

Thinking only the poor were affected, I wrote about my experience with bedbugs in my soon to be published book, The Garbage Man’s Daughter.  Some people run from spiders, roaches, and other creepy crawlies. But not me.  I ‘m bigger and tougher than the things that bug me.  Don’t run from bugs, fight back. Remember, “If you are weak in a crisis, you are weak indeed,” Proverbs 24:10.

Do you fight back, or take flight, when something bugs you?


About encourageme2

Gloria Shell Mitchell, a divorce researcher and author of The Garbage Man's Daughter book series, shares experiential knowledge of the impact of divorce on children and adults.
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3 Responses to Don’t Let Them Bug You

  1. Loren Harris says:

    I am so proud of you my sister in Christ! The book is published! Hallelujah to the Lord from one author to the other!
    Regarding the bedbugs; Yes indeed, they are creepy, icky, nasty, yucky and annoying. I have awoken at various places with little signs of some night nibblin and know that it was not of the human kind. I hate all creeping things that attack the human body. I am not their food! God help this world to be rid of them all! Thank you Jesus!!!!

  2. Gloria Miles says:

    I enjoyed reading this story about precious children.

  3. Gloria says:

    How I wish all troubled marriages could be healed and families kept intact.

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