Prayer About Healthcare Vote

On this National Day of Prayer, may we pray without ceasing, demand no more fleecing, and all inept leaders start releasing. On behalf of those of us who stand to be affected by the GOP repeal of healthcare, here’s an imprecatory prayer from Psalm 35:22-27: “O LORD, you have seen this; be not silent. Do not be far from [us], O LORD. Awake, and rise to [our] defense!
Contend for [us], my God and LORD. Vindicate [us] in your righteousness, O LORD our God; do not let them gloat over [us]. Do not let them think, “Aha, just what we wanted!” or say, “We have swallowed [them] up.” May all who gloat over [our] distress be put to shame and confusion; may all who exalt themselves over [us] be clothed with shame and disgrace. May those who delight in [our] vindication shout for joy and gladness, may they always say, “The LORD be exalted, who delights in the well-being of his servants.”
“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people” (Proverbs 14:34).
Plainly stated, “Doing right brings honor to a nation, but sin brings disgrace.”

Please God, bless America, especially our seniors  who are receiving social security and paying higher Medicare expenses with zero increase in income.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Health Care Bill



About encourageme2

Gloria Shell Mitchell, a divorce researcher and author of The Garbage Man's Daughter book series, shares experiential knowledge of the impact of divorce on children and adults.
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